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the limited researches on the effect of bio fertilization in Iran s medical plants on one hand and the economic and medical importance of cumin on the other hand this experiment was conducted to study the effect of Barvar 2 phosphate bio fertilizer and chemical phosphorus fertilizer super phosphate triple on yield and yield components of cumin METHODS AND …

Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphate Biofertilizers on

In order to investigate the effects of Barvar 2 phosphate biofertilizer and nitroxin biofertilizers on agronomical characteristics of sesame an experiment was carried out as factorial based on randomized complete block design with three replications and two factors in Khoy city northwest of Iran in 2022 growing seasons The factors were as follows phosphorus fertilizer in three …

Optimization of Biofertilizer Formulation for Phosphorus

This study aimed to analyze and quantify the effect of different ratios of vermicompost phosphate rock and sulfur on P solubilization and release by Pseudomonas fluorescens Ur21 and to identify optimal levels of those variables for an efficient biofertilizer Twenty experiments were defined by surface response methodology based on a central composite design CCD …


PSB biofertilizer and triple super phosphate TSP fertilizer Effects on alfalfa were studied after each of the three cuts in a field experiment set up as a split plot randomized complete block design in four replications in 2022 year in the region of Shazand Arak Iran Phosphorus treatments at 3 levels were applied to the main plots and included P0 control P1 PSB and …

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Super and Triple SuperSuper phosphate fertilizers come in two common forms single super phosphate and triple super phosphate A different type of acid is used to manufacture triple super phosphate which contains about 48 percent phosphate with less calcium and sulfur When you apply soluble phosphorus fertilizers such as super phosphate to the soil …

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Phosphate fertilizers such as triple super phosphate play an essential role in the economic production of the product Triple super phosphate fertilizer is obtained from the reaction of phosphoric acid and phosphate rock which is produced as granular and non granular products In fact this fertilizer is mainly made from phosphate rock

Effect of Phosphate Biofertilizer and Chemical Phosphorus

of phosphorus fertilizer on increase of Faba bean yield and growth Gizawy et al [3] revealed that application of chemical phosphorus fertilizer had a significant effect on seed yield yield components and content of nitrogen phosphorus and zinc in the Faba bean seed Rafat et al [4] indicated that application of phosphorus at the rate of 50 kg P ha 1 lead to maximum values …

Effects of phosphorus and organic fertilizers on

Effects of phosphorus and organic fertilizers on phosphorus fractions in submerged soil F Abolfazli A Forghani and M Norouzi Department of Soil Science Faculty of agriculture University of Guilan Iran Postal card 41635 1314 phone 989 111 386 159 fax 981 316 690 281 Corresponding author mehdi uni2000 Abstract This study was …

Triple Super Phosphate 0 46 0

Triple Super Phosphate TSP 0 46 0 is a popular source of orthophosphate for many growers Among dry fertilizers that don t contain nitrogen it has the highest concentration of phosphorus with more than 90% being water soluble for rapid plant uptake TSP also contains 15% calcium for additional plant nutrition This fertilizer is ideal for broadcast on the soil surface or in a

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Phosphorus fertilizers effect on the yield and yield components of faba bean Vicia faba L Davood Hashemabadi Department of Horticultural Science Rasht Branch Islamic Azad University Rasht Iran ABSTRACT Effect of four levels of phosphorus 0 40 80 120 kg ha 1P 2O5 from two sources [Triple Super Phosphate TSP and

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Triple superphosphate is a component of fertilizer that primarily consists of monocalcium phosphate Ca H2PO4 2 Triple superphosphate is obtained by treating phosphate rock with phosphoric acid Many fertilizers are derived from triple superphosphate by blending with ammonium sulfate and potassium chloride

Effects of phosphorus and organic fertilizers on

Effects of phosphorus and organic fertilizers on phosphorus fractions in submerged soil F Abolfazli A Forghani and M Norouzi Department of Soil Science Faculty of agriculture University of Guilan Iran Postal card 41635 1314 phone 989 111 386 159 fax 981 316 690 281 Corresponding author mehdi uni2000 Abstract

Effect of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers on the

4 Department of Crop physiology Islamic Azad University Arak Branch Arak Iran Abstract In this study the effect of four levels of nitrogen fertilizer 0 50 100 150 kg/ha and four levels of super phosphate triple 0 50 100 150 kg/ha were investigated on Rubia Inctorum L madder under salinity stress A factorial experiment

Evaluation of phosphateâ solubilizing bacteria on

northern Iran E Bakhshandeh1 H Rahimian2 results indicate that the application of triple super phosphate together with PSB inoculations resulted in reducing the use of chemical fertilizers about 67% and increasing fertilizer use efficiency Conclusions This study clearly indicates that these PSBs can be used as biofertilizers in ecological rice agricultural systems …


Triple super phosphate fertilizer was used to provide the needed phosphorus according to each treatment need In order to determine leaf area index LAI in this research Equation 1 was used 1 LA = L × W × LAI = Occupied Leaves Area Ground Area In which L is the leaf length W is the leaf width and is the leaf area coefficient for corn [30] In all samples dry …

Comparing Effects of Treated Rock Phosphate and TSP on

Application of phosphate fertilizers is a common practice to correct P deficiency in plants For a long time rock phosphate RP has been a major source to P fertilizer production For evaluation of the efficiency of combined rock phosphate with different constituents a garden experiment as a completely randomized block design was carried out in Torough Station of …

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Triple Phosphate Fertilizer Collected from the entire web and summarized to include only the most important parts of it Can be used as content for research and analysis Home Blog Pro Plans B2B solution Login Advanced searches left 3/3 Search only database of …

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Even though triple super phosphate is the best known and used P fertilizer research has shown that phosphate rock can be equally productive when used scientifically specially by lowering soil pH with the help of sulfur and sulfur oxidizing Thiobacillus spp bacteria or with similar acid producing micro organisms Sulfur oxidizing bacteria have specially been used …

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varieties of keshkeniluvelouand local of Zabol seed as the first factor and triple super phosphate fertilizer at three levels of 50 150 and 250 mg P kg soil 1 as the second factor Fixed amount of 15 soli 1 arsenic sulphate was added to all pots soil Analysis of variance showed significant effect of variety P fertilizer with

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The triple super phosphate TSP which is also known as concentrated super phosphate CSP is used for fertilizer The TSP is a solid phosphate fertilizer which is produced by phosphoric acid and phosphate stone The production usually contains 44 46% of phosphoric acid P2O5 that a is more than common amount in super phosphate